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Alexander James Raymond is involved in his neighborhood in Catonsville, Maryland. He has established a successful career in finance and is renowned for his financial planning, investing, and project management abilities. When he began his career in finance, he intended to continue learning and developing as a member of a successful, highly experienced team. Throughout the years, he has been able to shift into new sectors and endeavors, where he has continued to achieve success on nearly every level.

Raymond started his financial career with Morgan Stanley. He worked there for over a decade, collecting experience and gaining as much knowledge as possible about finance and company management. He also discovered that working as a cohesive team was advantageous for establishing a network of professionals on whom he could rely for guidance and support.

Alexander Raymond spent most of his time at Morgan Stanley cultivating relationships, delivering customized client solutions, and developing new project management skills. During his decade-long tenure, he obtained the following licenses and certifications:

Series 7 and 66 PMP Advanced Certified Scrum Master, as well as numerous others.

By obtaining these credentials, Alexander James Raymond was able to bolster his portfolio and promote his project management abilities in a variety of fields. This allowed him to expand his horizons and seize numerous fresh chances.

As his time at Morgan Stanley came to a close, his interests in project management expanded to encompass other fields. Although economics remained integral to his activities, he became increasingly interested in IT ventures. This immediately became an area in which he excelled. Before leaving Morgan Stanley, he had turned his business into a profitable enterprise grossing over $330k annually and assisted partners in growing their businesses by more than 30%.

Within two years of launching his own IT project management business, he demonstrates an even greater earning capacity.

It was an easy transition from financial services to IT project management. James Raymond's ten years of experience at Morgan Stanley had prepared him well for his new position since he could now apply all the strategies and methods he had acquired. He was able to pursue fresh opportunities and ultimately secured two significant contracts. The contracts were with Navy Federal and Driscoll's, respectively. Raymond has received consulting offers for project management from CVS, Ameriprise, and Key Bank. He acts as both a project manager and a Scrum Master, and his many years of expertise have allowed him to advance rapidly in the IT industry.

Throughout his years as a financial advisor entrenched in project management approaches, Alexander James Raymond continued developing the skills and information he needed to advance. Working in various sectors of each industry has allowed him to continue his exploration and education with each passing year of experience. This has enabled him to manage several projects and processes concurrently with great agility. By combining the two fields, he can now be more efficient in each and establish more robust and cohesive networks.

Raymond has created a name for himself in multiple fields, including IT Security and governance, due to his development over the years. He can manage agile teams and has assisted them in achieving their maximum potential. He has participated in several organizational transformations in which he was able to aid in bringing together groups that could effectively discover solutions and work together to achieve whatever goal was being pursued. His ability to duplicate his previous income in two years demonstrates his capacity to maximize his talents.

With his continued success, Raymond always retained his humble beginnings. He has always been an avid follower of high school, college, professional golf, football, and basketball. His business success has enabled him to give back to his community in multiple ways.

In addition to providing $500 to $1,000 annually to his high school, Mt. St. Joe, for the past ten years, Alexander James Raymond has also given the same amount to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. He has donated to these groups annually for the past decade and has no intention of stopping. Raymond has volunteered with the Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health and local food banks.

James Raymond continues to recall the local businesses in his community. He assists numerous small business owners in developing effective business strategies pro bono. In addition, he provides free financial planning lectures for all community members, including school-aged children.

Through his activities, he can contribute to his community. He aims to assist others in achieving the same success on their terms. Whether at work or in his free time, he takes pride in making an impact.

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